Paris, France: A Perfect Weekend Escape

Stay at Okko Hotel


Highly recommend this 4-star hotel for the following reasons:

  • Location: very near Paris Expo Exhibition Centre in a newly developed area (safe & quiet). 
    1. Good for business. 
    2. With excellent transport (train/metro) to tourist attractions. 

  • Room: clean, modern design, comfort and great shower. 
  • Food
    1. breakfast included. 
    2. Plus, a free afternoon snack around 5-7pm (a feast, some days we had it as a quick dinner to save some money for other activities.) 
    3. Free drinks in the cafeteria area.

Join a Food Tour

food tour in paris

A highlight of our trip was this Paris Food Tour

  • It was great fun. The tour was 3h exploring in Montmartre, a very artistic area in Paris (van Gogh was once here busy drawing). 
  • The tour guide was very knowledgeable about food and tourist info. In fact, she told us she grew up here and it seems that everyone on the street knows her well. Of course, she's very passionate about good and healthy food. 
  • We had more than enough food and wine. Roughly 9 different items, including cheese, ham, bread, sweets and many more.  
  • Price: €80 per person in 2018. 

Dine at a Wine Bar

wine bar in paris

After a careful search on Google (hours with the reviews), we nailed down to Chez Nous, a little wine bar in a quiet residential area.

  • Food & Wine: very authentic and amazingly good! In fact, staff here can barely speak English, so good body language and skills with Google translate are essential. I had lamb and my boyfriend had salmon. 
  • Atmosphere: very romantic. Every table has plenty of space for their own conversation. The decor just slows you down and relax. 
  • Reservation: highly recommended. We asked our hotel staff to book a table for us. 
  • Cost: about €30 per person main dish + a glass of wine.