Free-Style End-to-End Pizza Party

Calling for a pizza delivery is often the go-to home party option. However, during my visit to a close friend (Tintin) in Seattle, she made us a pizza from scratch(from flour to dough and from mince beef to a magic tomato meat sauce). We pick up every ingredient to tailor for our taste and our preferred (un)healthiness level



1. Dough:

  • High-gluten flour (140g), whole-wheat flour (60g), water (110g), sugar (10g), salt (2g), baking powder (2g), olive oil (14g).

2. Sauce: (you can decide the proportion - Make-Your-Own-Style)

  • Butter, onion, tomato, tomato pasta sauce, salt and pepper.

3. Suggested topping: (Again, your choice!)

  • Chicken breast, corn, bacon


  • Mix all the ingredients for the dough and rub it into a ball. Using a rolling pole (as in the video, common for making Chinese dumplings, so you can check out Chinese supermarket to get one), make the dough into a round piece. It doesn't have to be perfect round as you can tuck in the irregular edges with cheese bars or mini sausages to have a rim of cheese/sausage crust. 
  • Warm the pan with butter (not too much if you are on a diet), add onion to cook to golden brown. Add tomato, stir for 1min. Then add pasta sauce, stir till stimmering. Add salt and pepper to season. 
  • Brush (or use spoon) a generous layer of sauce on the pizza dough base. Put toppings of your choice on top to cover the entire pizza well and evenly. 
  • Send the pizza to pre-heated oven (180 degree celcius / 360 degree Fahrenheit) for 12min. 
  • You can add some mozzarella on top when it's 1min left to ready. 
  • And enjoy with your guests!!